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1923 Northern Pacific Railway

Al menú de trenes

THE 1844 was the Mikado which in 1925 set a world record for long distance freight runs by hauling a full tonnage freight from the Pacific Coast to the Twin Cities without uncoupling from its train. Locomotives of this class—the W5—were the Northern Pacific's heaviest 2-8-2's and were originally assigned to the Yellowstone Division, where the ruling grade is about 1 per cent in both directions, until the big Z5 articulateds replaced them. The 1844 was photographed at Muir, Montana, in November, 1940, just after it had helped a time freight to the top of Bozeman Pass. It is presently assigned to the Lake Superior Division and is one of twenty-five such engines originally ordered.

Builder-American Locomotive Co.
Cylinders-28" x 30"
Weight, total-545,100 lb.
Steam Pressure-200 lb.
Fuel-16 tons
Water-10,000 gal.
Dia. Drivers-63"
Tractive Effort-63,460 lb.
R.R. Class-W5 Nos. 1835 to 1859

2,200,000 PESOS.
13,764 EUROS.

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